Make Decision from Love, Not Fear

A common problem that we are dealing with is fear. Most of us confuse it with love but in reality, it is nothing like that. If we pay close attention towards our daily routine, we will find out that most of the time, we are running away from our fear than doing what we actually love.

As the world is moving fast and life is getting short a common excuse we often make is that we do not have time to do what we love. This is the time to change. Here we have a few tips that will help you make your decision out of love and not fear.

Find what you want than avoiding what you do not

Most of the time we focus on the things that we do not want and it only increases the confusions. Take a simple example of moving to a new city. You will find it hard to move to a place when you will keep avoiding the things you do not want. On the other hand, if you are able to make a list of things that you would like to have it would be the best way to find the city that you would prefer to move to. 

We cannot control time

One of the most important things that you have to remember is that you cannot control time and it is passing on quickly. You have to consider the fact that once it is gone you can never have it back.

  • If you have the opportunity to do what you love today, you should never let it go
  • You should never put off your dreams for until someday

Most of our fear is not that bad

We avoid the things that we fear the most in our lives. However, if they occur they will give you the courage to be strong and take risks in your life. You are stronger than you think and you can easily manage the worst situations in life. All you need is a little motivation and determination to do something out of the box and the moment you achieve your goal all the fears will be gone.

Consider setting examples

Keep in mind that when you are choosing fear over love you are setting examples for others like your younger siblings and your children. They will always follow your path so it is important that you set yourself free from all the fears and do something that will give your children the courage to always prefer love over fear as only then you can live happily.

Bottom line

Once you will start doing things out of love you will notice that fear would never take the best of you. It will allow you to be more productive at work and less afraid. You will get the confidence to stand up for yourself and show the talents you have. Take control of your life and stop people from doing it.