Comparing Yourself to Others 

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances” two very appropriate lines from William Shakespeare’s popular play “As you like it”.

This tells us exactly what each and everyone one of us are in this world and it should never dawn on us that we are second to anyone else as we are here to perform our duty to ourselves and ensure that we have a full and complete life during the time that we tread on this planet.

Comparing yourself to anyone else would serve no purpose because you are perfect in your own right and whatever faults you may have could be corrected and if you keep on harping on the fact that you are second to another, your life would only be miserable and you would not get the optimum that life has to offer you.

Life is too short to be constantly complaining about and if you do have the habit it would be prudent to stop it forthwith and make the best of what is in store for you.

“What is sauce for the goose, may not always be sauce for the gander” hence your life should be special to you and it is only you who could make it so, and nobody else.

There is also another very appropriate saying which was coined not for nothing many moons ago and which would be “each man for himself and God for us all”, which does not mean that we need to be selfish but the world would only be at our feet if we make it so.

Every human being has a specific role to play and it is when all humans are present at any given time that we could call this planet our world and Nature has made everything to be perfect and each of us form one cog in a very big wheel.

If we keep on comparing ourselves to the world around and rue that fact that we are worse off than our friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives etc we would never see any progress in our selves.

We need to set targets and objectives and ensure that we work towards them and it would be advisable to keep any disadvantages and obstacles that we would have or experience on the way in aspiring to achieve those set objectives by the wayside and go on our way undeterred and unhindered.

There is never two chances in life and when the opportunity is given we would need to grab it with both our hands and only then could we prove to ourselves that we are as good as anyone else.

On our quest to be us if we are to hesitate by stopping to compare ourselves with another we would be never progress in life, in comparison it would be like running a race if we are to look back at where others are in the race that split second could cost us the race, life is as simple as that.