Identifying Your Values


The first question we should ask ourselves is, whether we are Born Free. We are NOT born free. We are constrained by many things around us which tends to curtail our natural growth in this world.

Though we are not born free there is one thing that we are all born with, and that would be our basic human values, and that is something none could deny us and it is a genetic trait that every human being seeing the light of day for the first time in his life is bestowed with.

If we are all able to live with our basic human values intact then the world would not be a place filled with all the negatives we tend to see around us but one with many positives which would be a better place for all of us to live and also leave such a place for the future generations to follow.

What we may ask, are the constrains that we are born with, which holds us back to a very great extent in our natural and positive growth and which prevents us from going that extra mile in finding that elusive “Golden Fleece” which would lead us to a life full of opportunities and filled with many positive values.  

High on the agenda of everything on that list would be the religion that we are born into “by chance and not by choice” which plays a very great role in molding our young lives and then beyond to adulthood and even into old age.

Our values that we would talk about more often than not, would be intertwined with the religion we belong to from our birth and how many of us have the strength and conviction to denounce the religion we are born into and thread a life of a non believer or for that matter as an Atheist, Pagan, Heathen or to being Agnostic.

Very few of us would have the courage to think out of the box and go our separate way without allowing the constraints of our respective religions to either control or set the course for our future.

As human beings we have our own set values and to provide a greater impetus we also have the laws of the land that we live in and if we could identify our basic values with those what as human beings we are bestowed with, then living a full life till you are on the way to be six feet under would not matter much.

We have always’ striven to intertwine our lives around the various religions and tend to believe in an afterlife which we would never experience nor has anyone proved to us that there is one, other than our beliefs.

We tend to revolve our lives around this myth and lose our purpose in life and everything that we do is to seek that elusive afterlife that we are all after, if not for which we could fulfill most of what we should achieve during our very short lives in this world because religions have become the greatest barrier to personal progress in this world.