Improving Your Self-Esteem and Self-Image


Each and every one of us has our own self esteem and self image but in what quantum, would be what would define how others would perceive them both.

We may think that we are walking tall with a very high self esteem and that we have built ourselves a very imposing self image but it is others who would need to perceive them both and it is not our prerogative to judge ourselves, and if we do we could be living in a “fool’s paradise”.

It would be different in each individual and both would need to be built up from our very young days and once we would have built it there would not be anything to ascertain that it would remain so during the course of our lives.

During the different stages in our life both self esteem and self image could fluctuate with the circumstances surrounding us and it may not be a permanent issue.

The varying factor could be attached to a very significant extent to success and failure too, because both self esteem and self image would go hand in hand with the level of success we would achieve in life.

Our self esteem could suffer if we are embroiled in a scandal during some time in our lives or for that matter our self image too, could be dented if we are accused of any crime or both together.

Both of which could be false accusations and in the end, we could be proved innocent but during the interim period both would be at very low ebbs and no amount of damage control from our part could correct the dent that would have been caused to our self esteem and self image.

This is so because though we may think that we have carefully built up our self esteem and self image it is the people around us with whom we interact regularly and even the general public if we happen to be in their eye who would decide on the level of both and at what height on the pedestal they would hold us.

Hence to build our self esteem and self image we would need to garner respect from everyone around us from our peers, colleagues, friends, relations, neighbors, bosses and many more.

We have heard of that old saying of “cow dung in the pot of milk” which very rightly would quantify the need to project a very clean image if you would need to be held in high esteem and respected as a person with a very high self image.

Your life could be just great and everything that you have touched could be turning into gold and everyone around you would hold you in high esteem for your very acceptable ways within the society and also you would have built an image around which everyone one else around would be clamoring to get closer to you, but all that could be washed away down the drain if you make one step out of line.