Maintain a good posture for a stronger personality.


A good posture is the sign that a person is healthy. You should know that good posture is as important as healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. With the proper posture, you can stay away from fatigue while performing the important tasks of life.

Posture is regarded as the position of our body when we are lying, sitting or standing. Good posture means that the body has been symmetrically aligned. It balances the muscular tension.

Reasons to maintain a good posture

Maintain a proper posture is an important part of your physical health. When you are in a proper posture all the ligaments and tendons are perfectly aligned with the muscles that create the required tension to keep your body at rest. Energy is properly distributed in this form and the stress of the muscles is minimized. A good posture will provide you the following benefits

  • Your muscles will be able to coordinate in an efficient manner so that the bones are aligned.
  • With good posture, the body will consume less energy that will reduce the chances of fatigue
  • With minimal exhaustion, you can perform for a long time.
  • Spinal joints are important for the maintenance of a good posture. The spine should align in the perfect shape to reduce the stress on the ligaments and minimize the chances of injury
  • Good posture protects the body from muscular problems even when your body is poorly relaxed
  • Abnormal weight on the joints is decreased.
  • It is assured that all the muscles are correctly used to reduce the chances of any wear or tear
  • It protects the body from arthritis

A Good Posture

Maintenance of a good posture is not a hard task and you should take it lightly because only then you will be able to sustain it. The body unconsciously maintains the proper posture but our activities cause issues. Here are a few things you should consider about the good posture.

Standing posture

Place your feet 4 o 5 inches apart and the weight of your body should be on the soles. Your hands should be hanging on the side of the body and tuck your stomach in. It will help you to maintain a tall and straight structure.

Sitting posture

Your feet should not be hanging mid-air, they should be on the floor or footrest. The level of your knees should be below your hips. The shoulders should be relaxed and forearms on the side parallel to the ground. Your back should be supported by the backrest.

Lying posture

For a relaxed sleep, it is important that you sleep on a comfortable mattress. You can select a hard or soft one according to your requirements. Support your head in an elevated position with a pillow, as it will improve the blood circulation. Do not lie on your stomach.

Good posture will help you to keep your energy level high. It would not be wrong to say that good posture is the pillar of physical health.