Importance of Voice Tone for Effective Communication


Successful communication consists of three parts as determined by Albert Mehrabian.

  1. Words you use
  2. Voice Tone
  3. Body language

When you are communicating with your customers through writing content, they cannot see your body language so the best contributions will be from the tone of your voice.

The voice tone will represent the values and the thinking of the organization and you should not take it lightly. You are hurt when your partner talks to you with the wrong tone. Keep in mind that same is the effect on the feelings of your customers.

Customers know more about you

With the help of voice tone, you can advertise yourself in the best possible manner.

  • The tone of your voice should be professional and authoritative if you want to attract businessmen
  • The quirky and lighthearted tone is perfect to grab the attention of teenagers.
  • To build your personal brand you should have a consistent voice tone
  • Select the voice tone that reflects the genuine value of the organization and never lie

Be Unique

People will interpret you with the tone of your voice and it depends on you whether you speak angrily, passionately or quietly. If the tone of voice was not included it would seem like the business belongs to dull individuals.

You must have the tone regarding the products that you are selling. The voice tone will help your business stand out. The more appropriate tone of voice you will have the more customers will be attracted by your products. With the proper tone, you can show your customers how you are different from the rest.

Build trust and increase satisfaction rate

In reality with the voice tone, the customers are trying to understand your personality. They will form an image regarding the tone of his voice. In this way, customers try to understand the company and it helps them to build trust and sustainability.

Even if you are using the social media channels you should assure to build a proper tone of voice with your customers. It will help you to prove that your products and services are genuine. Make sure your customers are comfortable in your presence because only then they will trust you.

Persuade and Influence

Once you have the trust of your clients you can easily influence them with the proper voice tone to make the decision in your favor. You can persuade them to do business with you and there are chances that they will turn into your loyal customers.

Bottom line

It is important that you have a proper voice tone in order to be a successful businessman. Once you are ready to showcase your products and services you should test your voice tone. Once you have written the content for the customers, read it and check the impact it has on you. You should be efficient enough that tone of your own voice should make you invest in your own products because only then you can grab the attention of customers.